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Simeonof Island
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Malcolm's Little Corner on the Web

Welcome to my little corner on the web. It has a little information about me and some things that I find interesting.

First things first... my warmest thanks go to Ken Badertscher of Miracle Max Media who produced the very cool image of Simeonof Island above and kindly gave me his permission to use it.

Send Letters and Notes the Easy Way, with NotesAway

I hope you'll try and love this great new service. It provides an easy way to send to a beautiful thank you note or other letter:

The Internet, Best and malch

One of my first voyages of discovery on the Internet commenced on December 29, 1994, when I opened an account with Best Internet Communications in Mountain View, California. Sadly, this once wonderful Internet Service Provider was acquired by HiWay, which was purchased by Verio, which was gobbled up by NTT. Long story. Notwithstanding the eventual demise of Best, I came to make many great friends there and learned much about the Internet.

Best Internet (motto: We suck less!) started out in a little store on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. They had a few machines, and a whole bunch of Sportster modems nailed to a wall ( literally). Founders Rich White and Mike Schwartz were joined by a motley crew including Matt Dillon, Sam Habash, Karl Mueller and Ron Echeverri and others. To preserve the history I have shamlessly stolen some pictures from Best's websbite. And if you doubt the historical significance of Best, you may be interested to know that other customers who started their websites at Best include Hotmail and eBay.

During that time, I registered the domain with Network Solutions (see companies that suck) and started this web site.

Computing Stuff

I have multiple computers at home. They're all networked and connected to the Internet via Sonic. A few products I use and highly recommend, include:

Product Recommendations
Editplus ExamDiffPro
Search and Replace IrfanView
Super Flexible File Synchronizer Mozilla Firefox
SysInternals Tools Mozilla Thunderbird
Apache Perl

You definitely need a firewall and I'll sell you the best for only $500. It stops all network intrusions stone-cold dead. And that includes all unwanted SPAM, viruses, worms, hackers and other nasties that you may encounter on the Internet. This device is so effective, it's Guaranteed Forever. It will completely eliminate every known and potential network vulnerability and installation is a snip. If you like my Guaranteed Forever Firewall, you're sure to love the WinDuck 2001 Install Accelerator.

Really, Really Hot Products
Guaranteed Forever Firewall -- Only $500 WinDuck 2001 Install Accelerator

Just For Webmasters (and Web Mistresses)

This site hasn't had much tender loving care (TLC) over the past few years. That's because most of my waking hours have been spent creating, enhancing and supporting a test automation tool for serious websites.

It's a fairly sophisticated commercial product, it pays my bills, and it's called:


Take a look at some of the organizations using LinkScan and you'll see why I feel more than a little proud of it:

LinkScan -- Unix and Windows LinkScan Users

Older Computing Stuff

I have some interest in chemistry, and the application of computers to that science. Below is a picture of a chemical structure. This particular example illustrates the structure of the drug omeprazole which is a proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Chemical Structure

Molecular Design Limited (MDL) produced a lot of very cool software for chemists. They have since merged with Accelrys. You can even download their Accelrys Draw software:

Accelrys Draw

At one time I worked for Prime Computer. You'll find some interesting information about Prime on my site:

Prime Computer

Some years ago, in the Windows 3.1 era, I wrote a Data Communications FAQ. It's now pretty ancient.

Data Communications FAQ

Anyone still running Windows 3.1 might also enjoy this neat little shareware utility what I wrote. It's a clock, resource monitor, task switcher, program launcher and more. But, it's small, fast and intuitive the way software should be, but rarely is these days.

Finder Version 5.20 (26kb)

My favorite news reader is NewsXpress. Sadly it's no longer being developed although I still use it every day:



I also have some interest in photography. I shoot with a Nikon D200 camera. I have written a few papers on UniWB, AdobeRGB, and Color Management in general.

I am very proud of this, my most ambitious photograph, a High Dynamic Range (HDR) panorama made up from 77 different exposures. You can interactively zoom the image to view the detail:

HDR Panorama of Shanghai

I also wrote my own Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to manage my collection of photographs. You can watch a short video demonstration of an older version of the system here:

Digital Asset Management system


In our litigious society, everyone needs a legal disclaimer. I'll refer you to one drafted by my old friend George Schaft and hereby incorporate it by reference:

Legal Disclaimer


© Copyright Malcolm Hoar 1995-2012
malch at malch dot com