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Appendix B:


A few error messages explained.

Currently, with some systems, more than one copy of CTL3DV2.DLL found on the boot drive will result in the error message: "This application uses CTL3DV2.DLL which has not been correctly installed." Delete all but one copy and make sure that it resides in the \Windows\System directory.

Some users have problems with "Authorization Error"s. In the Setup screen, the two fields in [Authorization Information] should be blank unless your provider specifies that you need authorization (such as for access to alt.binaries.* newsgroups).

An incorrect time zone code may cause the error message (among several possible) generated by your provider: "NNTP Error 441 Article posted in the future." The currently edited article will not get posted and the edit window will remain open.

When the connection to a news server gets the error message: NNTP Error 411 No such group, it might be the case that NX is using the NEWSRC file of a different news server and the current server does not make available one or more of the groups listed in that file, a newsgroup name has become corrupted or there is extraneous text. You will have to edit the current file or establish a new NEWSRC file.

Attempts to post or follow-up which results in the following winsock error after pressing {Send}: "Valid name, no data record of requested type" may indicate incorrect setup information, specifically the SMTP server name. The error message may also indicate that the winsock interface timed out and communications with the provider has been lost.

Follow-ups to a post where the number of lines of new article text is less than the number of lines of quoted text may get the error: "441 Article not posted - more included text than new text". That's not a bug with NX, but a configuration option of the news server. A scan is determining that there is more text preceeded with ">" than all other text. Replacing ">" with any other character(s) will remove this problem. (And please become familiar with the guidelines of good netiquette.)

Attempts to send e-mail which results in the message: SMTP Error: 553 DOMAIN.com host name configuration error, check to make sure that you have the correct name and port number on the Setup screen.


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