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Companies That Suck

The following companies suck. Let us hope they make it onto this list soon.

Note to corporate counsel: the entire contents of this web page represent only the personal opinions of the author -- a private individual. This is often referred to by legal experts as constitutionally protected free speech. If you have any problems with this whatsoever, please click here.

Network Solutions aka VeriSign aka...


VeriSign represent a truly nasty piece of work in my view. This domain name registrar was initially handed a monopoly by the government, which they promptly abused. VeriSign excel at unreasonable contract terms, unresponsiveness to customers, incompetence and more. For example, their domain renewal scam which, according to the FTC, was intended to trick domain owners into unwittingly transferring their accounts to VeriSign.

More recently, in September 2003, VeriSign implemented the SiteFinder "Service". They were asked by ICAAN to withdraw it. VeriSign essentially told ICANN to "Get Lost" stating "All indications are that users, important members of the internet community we all serve, are benefiting from the improved web navigation offered by Site Finder."

This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. VeriSign are fully aware of the technical analysis by ICANN and IAB.

VeriSign were honored with the public trust in .com and .net. They have abused this trust and fully deserve the parody logo diplayed above, courtesy of

FleetBoston Financial Corporation

As often happens, I never chose to do business with Fleet. They simply acquired another credit card company of which I was a satisfied customer. From that point, it was downhill all the way. Service was dreadful and I was bombarded with direct mail and telephone promotions that were so willfully misleading they should be illegal, if they're not already. Some years after I closed the account, they still send me regular bills that attempt to trick me into renewing their service.


It's not their crappy burgers that I dislike so much. It's their incredibly stupid corporate bullying that ticks me off. Read all about the infamous legal battles with Dave Morris and Helen Steel. It's quite a story, and ultimately became the longest running trial in British legal history.

Philips Group

In around 1970, I purchased a Philips car radio. It turned out to be a complete lemon. Their unwillingness to repair of replace made me vow I would never again buy a Philips product. I'm proud to say that I never have, at least knowingly. I'm even careful to avoid Philips when picking up some light bulbs at the local supermarket.

SBC Pacific Bell aka PacHell aka PacSmell

My local telephone monopoly. The utter contempt they show for their customers is quite remarkable. In almost every interaction with Pacific Bell they tell me at least one outright lie. They're so incredibly arrogant and stupid they even lie about things that are demonstrably and provably false matters of fact.


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